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Party On Wheels! It’s Exciting, Truly Hilarious!


I am a kind of party animal and love it very much. I have attended number of such functions in my life—formal and informal—from star hotels to pool and beach to cultural but event on wheels was completely new taste for me. Party is my cup of tea, no doubt. But party on wheels seemed right order placed in wrong table for me at first.

Well, here goes the story. One of my friends texted me last week and the text seemed somewhat incomplete and confusing. It reads:


An invitation regarding a party

My Menu, Your Venue

Time: 7:00pm, Friday

Receiving such text a day prior to weekend is no new for me. I am used to it. I tried to neglect the sms initially but two things drew my attention. The first is my friend who texted me. Several times I had been his invitee so there is no chance to consider the text as fake. But the second one was interesting—my menu, your venue.

I dialed back to my friend and enquired about the message especially, the venue. He said that it is a surprise party and there is nothing wrong in the text. He further assured that the venue is where my home is. He simply requested me to wait for him outside my home at designated time on mentioned day.

Well, Friday clocked 7:00pm. I was waiting for my friend outside my home. Meanwhile, a big silky bus stopped in front of me wherein appeared my friend who asked me to get in. Well, when I got in, rest everything became a story to pen.

It was a limo bus accommodating 24 invitees including me. Its leather based interior and fiber optic lighting system kept my mouth wide open for a while. The hardwood floors, avonite-topped bars, flat screen and surround sound music system were something that I cannot explain in writing. It is something to experience once in a life at least.

Moreover, a toast of champagne on wheels was truly different. For few hours I felt as if I was administering entire Texas from the wheels.

In the mean time, my friend came to me and said: “How is your venue?” A piece of heaven on the middle of the road —I answered.

The party was a matter of curiosity for me. I discussed many things about limo party because I could not hold my heart and was experiencing it for the first time. The service was wonderful, fleet was cleaner than any other party venue and moreover, the function was wrapped slowly because the vehicle dropped the guests in their respective location as per organizers arrangement.

Similarly, he cited some of the benefits of limo party and they are:

  • No need to wait for guest rather pickup them from their home
  • Drop the guest in their respective destination as per organizers arrangement
  • Comparatively inexpensive because you have limited invitees and pay on hour basis to the vehicle service provider
  • Attend each and every guest properly
  • Enjoyment in comfort
  • Closely get acquainted with new people

And at last, this is how I concluded the experience of the event: Party is my cup of tea, no doubt. And, party on wheels is right order placed in the right table. CHEERS!

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