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Valentine’s Day: Right Time to Ink the First Line of your Poem


Blessed are the people who have partners to share smiles and chosen are they who find at least a shoulder to rest their head at grieve….

Shortly, the turn off the calendar will be paving the way to the month of love—February. For couple, the 14th day of this pinkish month—Valentine’s Day—is all about expression, commitment, dedication and moreover, a promise of being together forever.

Probably, no calendar in the world demarcates right date for the expression of your feelings except 14th February—a day to express your love to the beloved one. After all, love is an exception. No rules can confine it.

Unfold yourself and make the day grand by giving a surprise gift of limo ride to your beloved partner. She is the one who thinks about you. She is the one who cares for you. She is the one who is at your service incessantly, she is the one who left her parents just for you and she is the one who dedicated her entire life to you. She is a special one. Hence, she deserves it.

Life is another name of rush. Without purpose or with purpose you keep on running here and there. Knowingly or unknowingly you missed things; sidelined family priorities, important relations are cornered and over all, person who took care of you for entire 365 days is ignored.

How many days in a year did you take care of her? How many days in a year did you hold her hand to listen her? How many days in a year did you observe her innocence and how many days in a year did you pay dew attention to her?

A year is a long time. Forget about it. Did you notice her face today morning before leaving your home for the office? No need to answer. Just be true to yourself.

The sun of life never sets and the reality of it (life) is that there is always beginning. Make this Valentine’s Day a new beginning of your love life.

Break champagne on ride and give her a toast of love. Hold her hand and simply tell her what she means to you and how precious friend she is of yours. In this ride of two or three hours make her feel that your world revolves round her and this is the reason for you to get back home every day, just because she waits for you there.

Do not postpone the celebrations for some other day. There is no better day than today. Let your beloved one know that you really care about her.

Today is the right time to live,

Today is the right time to celebrate and

Today is the right time…

…to ink the first line of your poem

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