*This is a prebooking transportation service, to ensure availability we advise you to book early as you can before the service date, The last-minute calls are still welcomed but acceptance is depending on our schedule.
Red Eye surcharge of $30 is applicable for Pick-Up times between midnight and 6:00 AM,
Chauffeur’s Gratuity of %10 is included in the price and if you want to give extra tip to the chauffeur it is up to you and we thank you in advance for your generosity.
To book a bus, or book for customized service, please call us or email us at info@aadmirals.com and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Transportation between Houston Airports, Houston greater area, and Galveston Cruise Port, Galveston Hotels, please book online by clicking on the Houston – Galveston button at the Online Quote & Booking and start from there.
The rate is subject to change at any time without advanced announcement but it will not reflect in the reservations that are under processing or already booked.
Office times: Monday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM.
Special rates may apply during the events seasons and sports games in the Houston greater areas such as Houston rodeo, Christmas lights, new year's night, and big sports games.
You can book online the hourly service for the Houston rodeo on our website. If you are looking for a point-point one-way or round trip for the Houston rodeo, please call us to book by phone because the regular online point-point rates are not valid for Houston rodeo one-way or round trip.
Sessional Events such as Houston Rodeo and Sports games are subject to a minimum service duration of 4 hours.
The rate you received is all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

1. What is meant by a “one way trip”?

It is a one time trip, Pick-Up from point A and Drop - of at point B.

2. What is meant by a “round trip”?

A two way trip, going from point A to Point B and then back from Point B to Point A.

3. What is meant by a “return trip”?

The trip back from a destination, .

4. What is meant by a “one way trip”?

It is a one time trip, Pick-Up from point A and Drop - of at point B.

5. What if I need more drop-offs and/or pick-ups?

We can do that , Please book “By the Hour” service, so the chauffeur will stay with you based on your instructions for multi stops, if your multi stops in a diffrent days, simply book several bookings based on your scheduled days and stop locations, For more information contact Us by phone call or by email.

6. How far in advance do you recommend bookings?

We recommend booking as soon as you finalized your travel plans , airline ticket, cruise or your event schedule. We are a pre- booked transportation service last minute calls are welcome too but it will be subject to car availability .

7. What information do you need to know exactly when I want to book a car?

The type of service you want, Pick-Up date and time you want, type of car, transfer type (One way or round trip) and your billing information, your flight details if the service is from or to Airport, Actually if you fill out the booking reservation we will receive all the information we need for the service.

8. Why do you need to know where I am going?

For your safety and to ensure the quality of the service, To calculate the service rate and cost for Airport transfer/ point to point and City To City transfer, if Your service Hourly trip , we need to know the final destination for your safety and service quality.

9. What Credit cards can I use on your online booking and payment system?

You can use “ Visa, Master, AMEX, Discover and other major credit cards.

10. I am out of the United States, how can I book your service?

Please , book through our booking system on the top of each page ( Book a Ride) and follow the instructions and steps.

11. Can you supply balloons, party hats, ribbon for the exterior of the car etc.?

We can arrange that through a third party based on your request with extra charges.


1. What is your cancellation policy?

For Airport/ Point To Point transfer services, cancellation is free of charge if there is more than Two hour left before the agreed pickup time, For hourly bookings, cancellations is free of charge if there are more than 12 hours left before the agreed pickup time, For City To City Transfer bookings, cancellation is free of charge if there are more than 6 hours before the agreed pickup time. For details and more information please read our Terms& Conditions.

2. What is your policy on food and drinks in your vehicles?

Eating meals is not allowed on board, candy, chocolate and soft drinks are allowed.

3. What methods of payment does aadmirals limousine accept?

We accept Debit cards, credit cards (VISA, Master, Discover and american Express).


1. Are your drivers familiar with local attractions?


2. Do you provide car seats for infants and toddlers?

Yes, please read our terms&conditions for more details.

3. Do I need to decide my destinations before reserving my trip?


4. Will the chauffeur help me with my bags?


5. How do i make a reservation with aadmirlas limousine?

Aadmirals enables its users to book ground transportation over its online platform through it is website www.aadmirals.com , over phone calls to aadmirals office and through some third parties and travel online agents platforms as well such as expedia, tripadvisor and yelp.

6. Can you provide ground transportation in other parts of the country and world?

Yes at most of the major cities in the u.s and over the world, we have our affiliate network, please email us with your requirements on early time to arrange your ground transportation.

[ Vehicles & Amenities]

1. Are we allowed to bring alcoholic beverages in your vehicles?

If you are 21 years or older , yes.

2. Can we bring a cooler in the vehicle?

Yes, if it is fit in the car.

3. What amenities are your vehicles stocked with?

Free wi-fi ,cold water,power outlets, bluetooth, music and media based on your preferences.

4. Are your limousines and party buses equipped with tv’s and ipod hookups?

Not all vehicles, please call to verify.

5. Is smoking permitted in any of your vehicles?

No at all .

6. Can i see the vehicle in person before i reserve it?

If you leave in houston city, yes you can please call us to arrange, if you are out of the houston area we can send you photos and movies showing the vehicle interior and exterior details.

7. Will you supply champagne and other alcoholic beverages for special events?

In vips vehicles we welcome our customers with complementary one time champagne.

8. How will i know if my luggage will fit in the vehicle?

Please see the details of our vehicles in the fleet page on our website www.aadmirals.com , we mentioned the luggage capacity of each car. Can we bring bags inside of your vehicles? No, for your safety, bags and other luggage must be kept in the trunk of each car.

[ Airport]

1. How will i know where to meet my driver at the airport?

You will see that information at the bottom of your booking, in addition please see information in our airport transfer page on our website www.aadmirals.com

2. If my flight comes in early or late how will the driver know?

Our chauffeurs track the flights with flight tracking apps , and they will be at the airport at your flight arrival time.

We will try to answer some of the most important questions that you may have already encountered.

[ How to make an order?]

1. How do I start booking?

A) Online:-

  • 1-In the instant quote form, Select the service you want and fill out the form with your trip basic details.
  • 2-Click request free quote button to get the price instantly.
  • 3-If you are satisfied with the rate, click the Book Now button.
  • 4-Fill out the booking form with final billing details and agree to our Terms & Conditions then click the Submit Button.
  • 5-Within a few minutes, You will receive a copy in your E-mail inbox, if you choose to Pay Online, it will take you to our secure online payment form.
  • 6-Enter your credit card or PayPal details, verify all payment information and click Pay Now .
  • 5-Within a few minutes, You will receive a copy in your E-mail inbox, if you choose to Pay Online, it will take you to our secure online payment form.
  • B) Call US at +1 346-857-4294 / 800-994-5078 Or request a quote by Email message to info@aadmirals.com.

    2. What types of rental exist?

    It is a private ride including the car driven by a professional chauffeur from a certain place address to a certain place address, Hourly service or from City To City transfer.

    3. How to add multiple services to a single order? What do you mean with multiple services?

    If you mean multiple stops, you can choose hourly trip service and add any number of hours and stops you need the car, if you mean multiple cities to travel, just choose your final destination City and include stops at the comment field.

    [ payment ]

    1. How to Pay?

    Online with credit / debit cards or by phone providing us with your credit/debit card details.

    2. Who takes the money from my card?

    Admirals Travel& Transportation. Why cannot the payment on the card be performed? It can , try our booking and online payment form or call us.

    [ Confirmation ]

    1. Is there a document confirming my order?

    Yes, You will receive a copy of your booking in your email box confirming the service.

    2. What is My Account?

    Your profile in our database, your account includes your basic information to make things short and fast with you when you use our booking system, it is recommended for our regular customers.

    [ Changes and Cancellations ]

    1. How do I change the transfer?

    By Email to limosales@aadmirals.com , please see our terms & conditions fro more details.

    2. How to cancel the transfer?

    By Email to limosales@aadmirals.com , please see our terms & conditions fro more details.

    3. When will the money be back in case of cancellation of the trip?

    It takes from 5 to 15 working days.

    4. Can I use only a part of my order if I have a sudden change of plans?

    Please eamil us with the details of changes may you need.

    [ Proceedings of the order ]

    1. What information can I get about the drivers? How can I identify my driver?

    The Chauffeur will contact you.

    2. What should I do if my flight is canceled?

    Email us when you come to know that information.

    3. What to do in case of delay of my flight?

    Just email or text us with the delay and we will take care of the rest.

    4. What if I carry bulky luggage?

    Please see our fleet page to ensure that your luggage size and number are suitable with the car you choose for your ride, if you are not sure, please contact us in advance with the detailed information of your luggage to let you know what car can be good for your ride and your bulky luggage.

    5. If I'm traveling with a baby?

    No problem, We have one baby seat free of charge.

    [ Technical problems ]

    1. What should I do if I cannot enter the address in the form of a trip?

    Our booking system is based on Google map plat form, please enter the address as it is on google map, if you still face problems , please contact us by email or phone call.

    2. What should I do if I cannot get into my account?

    Please send an email to limosales@aadmirals.com or call us.

    3. What to do if I cannot download the PDF document confirming my order?

    No need to download any thing, you will receive your booking details in your email box, check your email INBOX or SPAM, if you can see your booking in your email, please contact us immediately by email to limosales@aadmirals.com or by phone call, Whatsapp, Viber and SKYPE.

    [ Unexpected situations ]

    1.If the client was not met at the scheduled time?

    Please contact us immediately by email to limosales@aadmirals.com or by phone call, Whatsapp, Viber and SKYPE.

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